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Town & Country Animal Hospital

At Town & Country Animal Hospital, we strive to offer high quality pet wellness care, pet surgery, veterinary dermatology and more! Our veterinary hospital provides routine care for dogs, cats, ferrets and other small animals. We know your pets are an important part of your family, and we treat them like they're part of our family, too. Our Town & Country team is proud to provide compassionate, professional care to keep your pet active and healthy for life.


Town & Country Animal Hospital Provides Comprehensive Pet Care

At our Ocala animal hospital, we believe that the best way to keep your pet healthy is through routine wellness care. We recommend annual screenings for all pets, and semi-annual screenings for senior pets. During a wellness exam, our veterinarians will perform a full physical and conduct diagnostic tests, including a blood chemistry panel, urinalysis and fecal sample evaluation for parasites and worms. During the wellness exam, we will also check to be sure your pet is up-to-date on all vaccinations, including rabies. Vaccinations are a safe and effective way to prevent common and potentially fatal illnesses. Our veterinary hospital also provides microchipping, nutrition counseling and behavioral medicine as part of our wellness services.

Regular pet dental cleaning is also an important component of wellness care. Just like in humans, plaque and tartar can build up in your pet's mouth over time. Even with regular brushing, this buildup can lead to a bacterial infection that irritates the gum line. Regular dental cleanings at our Ocala animal hospital ensure that your pet's gums are healthy and reduce the risk of potentially serious health complications.

Town & Country Animal Hospital

Our animal hospital is a friendly and welcoming environment for pets, children and families. We're proud to offer state-of-the-art facilities, including an advanced surgical suite. Digital radiography and ultrasound ensure precise diagnostic results. Heated tables enhance your pet's comfort, advanced anesthesia and oxygen saturation monitors ensure your pet's safety during an operation, and our post-surgery recovery unit is a safe place for your pet to recovery under supervised veterinary care.

Town & Country Animal Hospital is one of the only animal hospitals to offer fat stem cell therapy, a revolutionary treatment for managing arthritis and soft tissue injuries in dogs. This treatment is especially effective for older dogs struggling to run, jump and walk comfortably, and is a safe alternative to orthopedic surgery. Our animal hospital performs complex orthopedic surgeries, and provides secondary opinions for the treatment of orthopedic injuries and other surgical procedures. Our surgeon and experienced veterinarian Dr. Kelly Culbertson is the only Ocala veterinarian to offer Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteostomy (TPLO) surgery for repairing a torn cruciate ligament.

Whenever possible, we use minimal invasive surgery to reduce the risk of complications and speed recovery. Our laser surgery techniques ensure less pain, bleeding and swelling. We use this minimally invasive procedure for the removal of cysts, tumors and warts, as well as for spay and neuter operations.

In addition to advanced surgical care, our internal veterinary medicine offerings include cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, gastroenterology, oncology and endocrinology. Our veterinary hospital has a fully stocked pharmacy for your pet's health needs, and we also carry specialty nutrition and dietary supplements. We also offer grooming, boarding and pet daycare services for our pet patients.

From welcoming your pet into the family to providing compassionate, senior care, we're proud to be your partner in keeping your pet healthy and active.

Dr. Kelly Culbertson 
Town & Country Animal Hospital

5204 N US Hwy 27
Ocala, FL 34482


About Your Veterinarian in Ocala

About our Veterinarian in Ocala

If you are considering the choice of a veterinarian in Ocala, we are pleased that you have decided to learn more about Town & Country Animal Hospital. We believe the more you know about us, the clearer your choice of a veterinarian in Ocala will be.

All of our highly trained and experienced veterinarians and staff have true affection and compassion for animals. We believe this is at the core of excellent veterinary services. When people love what they do, it raises care to a new level.

A Team of Veterinarians at Your Service

The veterinarian team at Town & Country Animal Hospital is led by Dr. Kelly Culbertson. He has been practicing in Ocala since graduating from veterinary school over 35 years ago. He has been joined at Town & Country Animal Hospital by three other veterinarians who offer a wide array of experience and services to help restore and maintain the health of small animals in the Ocala, FL area.

We Treat a Variety of Small Animals

While some veterinarians treat just dogs and cats, we tend to a variety of small animals including birds, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, and other small animals. This can be reassuring for families with multiple animals. You can count on the same caring, high-quality treatment for all of your pets.

An Atmosphere of Pet Wellness

While we are proficient at treating pets that are ill, we prefer to encourage wellness in pets. Our wellness exams help detect problems early and keep pets healthier. It is not enjoyable for veterinarians or pet owners to only visit when there is a problem. See us regularly to maintain the health and wellness of your pet under more comfortable circumstances. .

An Ocala Veterinarian with a Wide Range of Popular Services

Town & Country Animal Hospital provides a range of sought-after pet care services. These include pet grooming and boarding, vaccinations, emergency services, micro chipping, dental care, laser surgery, spay and neutering services and more. You are assured we are here to help your pet under virtually any circumstances.

We Help You Take Better Care of Your Pet

Ultimately, part of our goal at Town & Country Animal Hospital is to help you become a better pet owner. We can consult you on the care of your particular pet whether it is a young kitten or a geriatric dog. We will help with nutritional and dental advice for your pet and are here to answer your questions when needed. 

Make an Appointment Today with Your Veterinarian in Ocala

If you are in search of a veterinarian in Ocala, we hope you will choose us at Town & Country Animal Hospital. We invite you to make an appointment by calling us at 352-840-7020 and asking about our new client special. Town & Country Animal Hospital is located at 5204 North US Highway 27 in Ocala, FL. We offer the quality care your pet deserves.