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Welcome to Fullerton Animal Hospital in Baltimore

From routine pet vaccinations to advanced pet surgery, our Baltimore vet team here at Fullerton Animal Hospital is committed to keeping your pets active and healthy for life.

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Our experienced team provides comprehensive veterinary care services for pets living in the Baltimore area. Dr. Bob Brown, owner of Fullerton Animal Hospital since 1995, leads our team of experienced veterinarians: Dr. Cary Labrenz, Dr. Rebecca Fraser, Dr. Teri Unger, Dr. Kelly Castano and Dr. Christine Davies. Our entire vet team is committed to treating your pets like the valued family members they are. We proudly provide an elevated level of personalized service and attention that makes us stand out from other vets in Baltimore.

Pet Wellness Exams in Baltimore

We recommend bringing your Baltimore pet in for a wellness visit annually to assess your pet’s overall health and help catch complications or diseases promptly for more effective treatment.

Pet Dentistry

Plaque buildup and tartar isn’t just a problem for humans. Your dog or cat needs dentistry care just as much as you do! Bring your pet in for a professional cleaning to help prevent oral lesions, gingivitis and other dental problems.

Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccinations are essential for your dog or cat’s wellbeing. Our Baltimore veterinary hospital offers the full puppy and kitten shot series as well as vaccine boosters to keep your pet healthy and active into his golden years.


According to the American Humane Society, one-third of house pets become lost at some point during their life. Pet microchipping can help reunite lost pets with their families.

Pet Surgery

From routine spay and neuter procedures to complex orthopedic surgeries, our veterinarian skills and precise surgical techniques make Fullerton Animal Hospital one of the safest places to have pet surgery performed.


Anesthesia keeps pets comfortable and pain-free during surgery, leading to better surgical control and success. We want your pet to receive the best and kindest care possible, so we carefully administer anesthesia before performing pet surgery.

Digital X-Rays

Compared to traditional film X-rays, digital X-rays are larger and more accurate. Our veterinary care team uses these images to understand your pet’s injuries and pursue the correct treatment option.

Pet Nutrition

Our pet nutrition program helps dog and cat owners in Baltimore cater to their pets’ unique nutrition needs and learn which foods are best to meet these needs.

Pet Dermatology

Skin diseases are one of the most common reasons to visit the vet. If your pet is scratching, licking and chewing at an irritated spot, bring him to Fullerton Animal Hospital for pet dermatology services.

Emergency Pet Services

If your pet experiences a life-threatening emergency or has a critical issue after hours, don’t delay care! Instead, call our vet clinic immediately for referrals to trusted local emergency veterinary hospitals.

Contact Our Veterinary Hospital in Baltimore

To take advantage of our many veterinarian services, please contact Fullerton Animal Hospital onlineor call (410) 665-6996 today.

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Welcome to Fullerton Animal Hospital. We're a full service facility dedicated to caring for your pets through their entire lives. Our pet wellness program is second to none, and we're equipped to handle any health emergency your pet may have. We service the Baltimore, MD area and have patients from many of the surrounding communities.

Animal Care in Baltimore

As a full service veterinary hospital, we offer a surprising number of services. Our wellness care program starts your pet's first weeks and includes things such as immunizations that will set your pet up for a healthy life. Some of the other parts of our wellness program are:

  • Microchipping
  • Pet dental exams
  • Skin and fur exams
  • Weight and nutrition education
  • Behavioral analysis

Animal care goes beyond the first year visits, though. We encourage all our patients to return annually for an exam to ensure the health of your pet! 

Other Veterinarian Services

Our office is open six days a week, beginning a 8:00 in the morning. While preventative care is the ideal, we know that illness and emergencies happen. Our experienced veterinarian team is ready to help your pet through minor illnesses and serious accidents. Our surgery center stands ready with pet x-rays and anesthesia to care for emergencies such as broken bones and fractures, as well as declawing, spaying and neutering. We offer advanced surgical procedures including endoscopy and laser surgery.

Our pet dentistry services can prevent more serious illness in both dogs and cats. Your pet's mouth can hold insights into many health problems that might otherwise not show any symptoms. We'll check your pet's mouth for loose or missing teeth, red or swollen tongue or gums and we'll even check for extraordinarily bad breath. Very bad pet breath can often be a sign of infection, and our veterinarian team uses this clue to help diagnose problems in many pets.

You'll find Fullerton Animal Hospital about 1/ mile north of the Baltimore Beltway/I-695 exit 32B, which is marked Bellair Road NORTH. You'll find us right across the street from Jerry's Toyota dealership.

Whether you're looking for preventative care for your dog or cat or you've got a pet emergency that needs immediate care, the caring team at Fullerton Animal Hospital is ready to care for your pet like it was one of our own. Call our office for an appointment today.

Fullerton Animal Hospital

8018 Belair Rd
Baltimore, MD 21236

Phone: (410) 665-6996
Fax: 410-665-8362

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Fullerton Animal Hospital is conveniently located at 8018 Belair Road, approximately 1/2 mile north of the Baltimore Beltway/I-695 exit 32B (Belair Road NORTH), just across the street from Jerry's Toyota and Denny's Restaurant.